Tyler Smith

Chief of Staff
Tyler adds global relationship management experience
Tyler Smith photo

Tyler is a global dealmaker, relationship manager and serial entrepreneur. Pangea Force's global network is the heart of our organization. Tyler is responsible for maximizing global network utility; ensuring that entrepreneurs, Pangea Force Ambassadors, network family-offices, LPs and partnering corporations connect across borders with the right network nodes based on each of their needs. As Chief of Staff, Tyler helps to oversee Pangea Force world-wide operations.

Prior to Pangea Force, Tyler led sales and relationship management for large brands like AT&T and CDNetworks. Before that, he built the world’s first group text messaging platform and founded a number of startups in the messaging application ecosystem: including opt-in marketing solutions, point of sale and ordering optimation platforms as well as seamless emergency medical information transfer systems.

Tyler is actively involved with the alumni of his alma mater, Pepperdine University, where he also serves as an entrepreneurship mentor for students. He and his family reside in Silicon Valley.

Smart companies find a way to go global sooner rather than later. We help accelerate that considerably.
Tyler Smith