We are Pangea Force

Pangea Force has built the “United Nations" of Innovation and Venture Capital, having gathered a consortium of World Leaders, Ambassadors, and Member Funds that work together across 23+ countries to give each investment global advantage. Our mission is to help smart startups anywhere to thrive everywhere, starting right where they are. What sets us apart is that our entire global network fires to help each single portfolio company. Read more below...
Our Structure
We believe in the ubiquity of genius

Genius doesn't decay in radioactive half-lives each mile beyond Silicon Valley. Smart entrepreneurs are everywhere on earth. For us cross-border means more than having offices here and there looking for “big fish” in small regional ponds; we seek breakthrough startups that have global potential and we fundamentally believe smart entrepreneurs are everywhere, not just in Silicon Valley.

The next generation of Googles, Apples and Amazons won’t necessarily be born in Silicon Valley. They will likely be found in untapped, undervalued regions domiciled outside of tech-hubs and this is a huge opportunity. Their greatest strength will be more than mere technology, but rather their connectivity to global relationships that engage in highly organized cross-border collaboration. We are structured to lead that future.

We believe in the ubiquity of genius, and are organized to find and support global technology leaders all around the world. While tech-hubs are indeed a part of our network, we believe that the best way to find global leaders isn't to assume they can only be found in the United States within Silicon Valley or New York City boundaries; rather, the best way to find global leaders is to have a network that spans the globe and adequately searches world-wide for the smartest technologies and founders. Our network of Ambassadors, World Leaders and aligned corporations do exactly that. Only after understanding how our global network can yield advantage, do we invest, then help with global expansion and exit them in the most advantageous markets.

The Pangea Force network gives us access to the best global investment opportunities, inside and outside of Silicon Valley and gives our portfolio companies the best access to global resources, relationships and distribution help .

Our Name
We are Pangea Force™

“Pangea” is the name given to the super-continent landmass scientists believed all other continents joined together to form at one time. While some say “Pangea” is purely hypothetical, others find the relative shape and form of our continents to be incontrovertible self-evidence; indeed, they seem to fit together like puzzle pieces. Whether hypothetical or not, we believe the story alone is powerful enough to name our movement and to affix it’s form as our cell-like logo’s nucleus, reminding us that technology ventures are life-giving building blocks for world economies much like cells, but only if it has a strong Pangea-minded structure at its center.

We love the story of Pangea for a few reasons. First, the powerful notion that we were once united, if only geospatially, gives us hope that we can become one again; this time in heart, mind and cross-border endeavor. Furthermore, literally drifting apart over time enabled every continent (and nation therein) to develop different strengths. The key now is to reassemble to apply those strengths to unified endeavors. Pangea represents that unity.